Light in weight

The 4 seat electric car -KW-LC
4 seat electric car is equipped with Auto Glass, A/C ( cooling and heating), Reverse Camera, Radio, safe belts, Alloy Wheels...... ect. ,
Because it's very hot in market such as india, Thailand,United KingDom and so on, so
also can drive on the left and right hand..
This model is very nice to have with best utility performance.

High safety coefficient
Special high strength glass fiber reinforced plastic profiles, seashelloeld, anti-aging, high safety coefficient.
Preventing electromagnetic interference, To prevent the coaster, startup latency and astern slow, it‘s very safe.

Reassuringly safe and secure

Steering system
Composed of the steering control mechanism, the rack-and-pinion Steering box and steering linkage mechanism. Rack-and-pinion steering system has the function of automatically adjusting the clearance to make direction turning easy and flexible.

Safe braking system
Front disc brake, rear drum brake (optional), adopts hydraulic dual-circuits power braking system with mechanical parking (hand brake), more safety and stability.

Customized and add logo for free
Can be customized according to your requirements, such as the color of the body and seat, accessories, etc.
We can add your exclusive special logo on reasonable parts of the vehicle, in order to make it your brand image display window.