How long can you deliver the vehicle?
Generally, we can deliver the vehicle within 20 working days after the signing of the contract.

What about the quality warranty?
We offer one-year quality warranty for vehicles’ main body.

Are your products qualified?
Yes, our products all have gained ISO certificate, and we have specialized quality inspection department for checking every vehicle before leaving our factory.

Are you trading company or manufacturer?
We are professional manufacturer, and our factory mainly produce electric vehicle,such as classic car、tourist car、golf car、club car、etc. We dedicated to be a world-class manufacturer of electric vehicle.

How long will it take to charge Kingwoo electric vehicle?
Kingwoo electric vehicles are equipped with large capacity deep cycle Lead-acid battery, to charge the battery fully, it will take 8-10 hours. Kingwoo is testing lithium battery. It will take 3-4 hours to charge lithium battery fully.

What kind of battery is mounted on Kingwoo electric vehicle?
Currently, Lead-acid battery is mounted on Kingwoo electric vehicle. However, Kingwoo is testing Lithium battery, in the future, Lithium battery will be mounted on Kingwoo electric vehicle.

Can I be an agent for Kingwoo? If yes, how can I?
If you want to represent Kingwoo to promote its products and its brand, please contact Kingwoo’s people (please refer to contact information from Contact Us! To be an agent for Kingwoo, a contract will be signed, for details, please contact us!

Where can I get spare parts for Kingwoo electric vehicle?
If you are the end user, you can contact the company where you get Kingwoo electric vehicle; if you are the end user, but you are not able to contact the company whom you buy Kingwoo electric vehicle from, you can get the spare parts from Kingwoo directly; if you buy Kingwoo electric vehicle from Kingwoo directly, you can get spare parts from Kingwoo.