The Geneva motor show "gran torino" brand to push new models


Morgan motor can be said to be the auto industry a legend, and for a long time not to launch new models of Morgan will be at the Geneva auto show to launch a new car. Recently Morgan has once again issued a new preview.
According to the latest preview, Morgan's the new car is still retains the original car modelling, car more than now all the models are slender, fender and restore the face of the fender was due, front fender continues starting from the front to the rear wheels, and stretching out a standard rear fender.
Short cabinet roof is the modelling style early last century, although the car is bound to affect the internal space of the crew, but on the modelling of it is absolutely stunning. According to preview before, a new car with round headlights and large size straight waterfall type intake grille. New car will officially be unveiled at the Geneva motor show, and then will be formally accept reservations.