♦ The advantage of resources:
The battery, motor and other electric car key parts, the core material, China has obvious advantages.

♦ The advantage of industry:
China is the world's largest producer of light electric vehicles. Power battery and drive motor and other key parts production system is perfect, in the large-scale industrialized production technology, cost control and so on form obvious advantages.

♦ The advantage of design:
Introduce the advanced technology of the United States,10 years manufacturing experiences.all products research and development process, is to use 3D software modeling, andComparing with the model, the mechanical structure drawing, Analysis the feasibility of the product, carries on the function of simulation demonstration´╝îAnd then making mould. According to the different needs of customers in a timely manner to innovate.

♦ The advantage of technique:
1.The use of electric power steering system, and improve the vehicle steering portability and stability.
2.Professional design based on Four-wheel electric vehicle chassis pickup. Front disc brake, rear drum brake, It is safe.
3.Independent research and design automobile tail plate of the hydraulic system, The work is smooth, superior performance.