RUE725DX-B(Big Cargo):Technical Update

May 11, 2024

Lvcci # 8000W Electric UTV # UTV With COC Approval # 4×4 Side By Side


As Lvcci Customers Local Market Requirements,  They Prefer To Use a Bigger Cargo Bed For Carring More Cargos.    So We Updated a New  Model Electric Utv With Bigger Cargo Bed.

Electric UTV RUE725


This New Model Was Modified Based On The 4 Seater Utv With Cargo Bed Size 950*1400*310mm,   And It Becomes 2 Seater Utv After The Modification , The Cargo Bed Size Is 1750*1280*300mm , And It With Bellowing Features :


 Versatility: Utvs Are Designed For Various Purposes And Can Be Used In Agriculture, Forestry, Construction, And Industrial Sectors. They Can Transport, Tow, Carry Loads, And Perform a Multitude Of Tasks.


 Off-Road Capability: These Vehicles Typically Exhibit Excellent Off-Road Performance, Capable Of Operating In Diverse Terrains And Harsh Weather Conditions, Including Wilderness, Mountainous Regions, Muddy Terrain, And Snow.

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