Service And Support
We will provide a full range of model recommendations and customized solutions according to your needs and budget to ensure that you choose the right car, and ensure that you can get timely consultation and feedback in the process of car purchase and maintenance.
Technology & Support
Most of the technologies we use in our products come from our own technical team, which can be quickly adjusted and improved based on customer feedback. The performance of some important vehicle accessories such as gearboxes, motors, controllers, and batteries have been rigorously tested and screened.
We have the European Union's EEC certification, allowing it to be driven on European roads.
Automotive testing plays an important role in vehicle production. Through adequate testing and improvement, it can be ensured that the quality and safety of the vehicle before the production line are effectively guaranteed.
So when each vehicle is produced, it will be tested on the inspection platform and on the climbing platform.
After Sales
All our models come standard with a 12-month extensive warranty. Parts are generally not repaired, but replaced with new parts. We have dealers and after-sales service points in the Netherlands, Spain, Poland, Germany, Italy, Australia, Russia, more and more in the future, if you have quality, maintenance problems you can consult our dealers or contact us directly for you to solve.
Our Advantages
Rich Production Experience
LVCCI&KINGWOO Have More Than 10 Years Of Experience.We Have Extensive Experience In Producing Professional Electric Utility Vehicles, And Our Team Consists Of Highly Experienced Engineers.
Cost Effective
When Purchasing KINGWOO & LVCCI Electric Utility Vehicles, We Can Offer More Competitive Prices And Higher Cost Performance.
After-Sales Service
Customer After-Sales Service Is Crucial To Us, So If Any Problems Arise, Please Tell Us Or Your Local Dealer As Soon As Possible And We Will Provide Fast And Effective Support.
Welcome To Be Our Distributor
We Are Very Proud To Invite You To Become Our Distributor. Through Cooperation With Outstanding Dealers Around The World, We Jointly Provide Customers With High-Quality, High-Performance Automotive Products And Services.At Present, We Have Distributors in the Netherlands,Spain, Poland, Germany, Italy, Australia, America,Russia and other regions.
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Transportation and Packaging
Crafting Unforgettable Journeys With Our Exceptional Tour Buses
Crafting Unforgettable Journeys With Our Exceptional Tour Buses
Crafting Unforgettable Journeys With Our Exceptional Tour Buses
Crafting Unforgettable Journeys With Our Exceptional Tour Buses
What's the confusion
How long can you deliver the vehicle?
Generally, we can deliver the vehicle within 20 working days after the signing of the contract.
What is the maximum speed of UTV?
The utv has a speed of approximately 60 km/h and the UTV 4x4 has a speed of approximately 30 km/h. It is possible to let us lower the speeds, for instance in connection with the safety on events or recreational terrain. It is your choice which maximum speed you want for the utv. The speed limit has two forms, fixed and variable. The fixed limit makes sure that the vehicle can’t go faster than the requested speed. With a variable limit the vehicle can switch between low and high speeds controlled with an admin key
How long does it need to charge?
Standardly the charging takes 6-8 hours. Optionally speed a quick charger is available, which drops the charging times to four hours. For the lithium batteries the charging time is six hours. With the quick chargers the battery package can be fully charged in approximately 2 hours. Sometimes a 380 volt outlet is required.
What kind of batteries do the vehicles use?
We use maintenance-free lead-acid batteries almost as standard. For a higher price, we can replace the battery with a lithium battery. These lithium batteries are capable of heavier duty, travel farther per charge, and have a life expectancy three to four times that of lead-acid batteries. In the long run, this is the most viable option. Because the battery pack doesn't need to be replaced that quickly. By using lithium, attractive subsidies can be provided for corporate use.
Are the utv suited for the public roads?
Yes, all the vehicle out of the utv series are standardly delivered with road access. We have the European Union's EEC certification, allowing it to be driven on European roads.
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