EV-25-01—The advantages Of 25KW Electric UTV

Jun 28, 2024

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EV-25-01—The advantages Of 25KW Electric UTV

25kW big power Eelectric UTV has the following advantages:

**Drivetrain System**: This big power Electric UTV Equipped with 2WD and 4WD switching capabilities, it provides a flexible driving experience suitable for various terrain needs.

**Battery Capacity and Management**: Fitted with 20.3kwh lithum battery and a BMS management system, which ensures long battery life and safe, efficient operation.

**Strong Power**:  Rated power of this big power Eelectric UTV is 25kW ,  peak power is 45kW, it offers powerful performance suitable for high-intensity work.

**High-Voltage System**: 336V high-voltage system, it improves electrical efficiency, enhances vehicle power output, and extends range.

These features enable the high-power 25kW Eelectric UTV to perform exceptionally well in a variety of complex conditions, meeting diverse usage needs.

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