UTV tractor: powerful UTV suitable for overloaded operations.

Nov 07, 2023

Product Highlights:


High power: This UTV tractor adopts advanced electric vehicle systems with powerful power output, which can easily handle various overloaded operations. Whether it’s in rugged mountainous areas or muddy fields, it can meet the challenges with excellent performance.


Lithium battery management technology: We have adopted advanced lithium battery management technology to ensure the safety and stable operation of the battery. This not only improves work efficiency, but also provides operators with a safer and more comfortable driving experience.


Comfort driving: The driving environment inside the vehicle is spacious and comfortable, equipped with luxury seats,allowing drivers to enjoy a warm home-like feeling in extreme environments.


Intelligent control system: Equipped with advanced intelligent control systems, the operation is simple and intuitive, allowing drivers to better control the work process.


Durable: The vehicle body is made of high-strength materials and has a sturdy and durable structure. Through rigorous quality control, the stability and durability of the vehicle are guaranteed.


Multi-use: This UTV tractor can not only be used for agricultural operations, but also for landscaping, urban emergency rescue and other diversified scenarios. It’s a multi-use machine and improves the practicality of the vehicle.


Company Background:


KINGWOO&LVCCI, as a company with deep technological accumulation and extensive market resources, has always adhered to the customer demand-oriented approach and continuously developed innovations. We are committed to providing customers with efficient, environmentally friendly, reliable UTV tractor products and services. Through years of effort, we have achieved good reputation and performance in the market.


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