RUE725 Series:Technical Update

May 08, 2024

LVCCI | Electric UTV | Electric Utility Vehicle | 4×4 Side By Side


One New Electric Utility Vehicle Just Was Produced And Finished The Driving Testing, Tt Is Black Color In The Show Room, Can Switch Between 4×4 And 4×2 .


Compared To The UTV Produces In The Past , We Improved Its Performance As Following:


1.2wd/4wd Switching No Longer Uses Mechanical Switching, Now Is Replaced By Electronic Switching Via The Controller;


2.Braking Problem:

(1) Changed The Material Of The Brake Friction Pad , And Improved The Braking Friction;


(2)The Bore Diameter Of The Front And Rear Brake Caliper Cylinders Is Enlarged To Increase The Hydraulic Braking Force; The Bore Diameter Of The Brake Cylinders Is Increased From 25mm To 27mm:


3.Rear Suspension System: Accessories Can Be Replaced And Use The Heavy-Duty Shock Absorbers


4.Charger: The Current Brand Used Is Zhuhai Inpower (a Listed Company), Can Be Replaced With u.s. Ul Certification Items ;


5.The Headlights Can Be Temporarily Changed To Led.If Replace The Headlights (With e-Mark Certification)


Believe That The Electric Utv After Improvement Can Bring Different Surprises To All Customers .

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